Beauty: Inner vs. Outer

Beauty is different for every person, depending on their point of view. Overall, though, there are two different kinds of beauty. Both kinds are found in just about everything and everyone.

Outer beauty is what majority of Earth’s population cares about the most. For humans, it’s all about the clothes and the hair. All that junk others may not even care about. It’s a physical, tangible thing that everyone sees.

It’s kind of like the Trojan horse. The Trojans saw it as a beautiful peace offering from the Greeks on the outside. However, the Trojans were only deceived by the looks. It was nothing what they thought it was when the Greeks left it for them oh so long ago.

This kind of beauty is usually the cause of doubting self worth if one were to think that they’re uglier than others. That is because this is the kind of world we live in. Where people judge others on the basis of looks, which then infringes on the other person’s confidence and feelings of self worth. It is, also, where people can deceive others with their looks and then take advantage of them.

Inner beauty is what people have forgotten to look for nowadays. It’s psychological, which means that no one can really see it at first glance. Well, unless you’re a painter or a cooker and you have stuff from your hobby all over your clothes. This is where we get the saying, “It’s what on the inside that matters most.”

No, I’m not talking about blood, organs, and other parts. I’m sure you are very beautiful when it comes to Anatomy, but this isn’t about that. We already discussed physical beauty already. You may not see your organs everyday because they’re inside your body (hopefully), but that’s still outer beauty.

I’m talking about passions, dreams, what makes a person who they are. Sure, I could go on a rant and talk about the science behind it all with DNA and stuff, but this isn’t what inner beauty is about. If you want to hear about that, then pick up a Biology textbook. If not, let’s continue on.

Let’s take a geode for instance. It’s rough around the edges and doesn’t look like much. If you saw it on the side of the road and it was a whole, you would think that it was an ordinary rock that you could possibly chuck through your neighbor’s window. (Don’t even think about it!) On the inside, though, if you broke the geode open, you will find some gems.

Just like a geode, we have gems inside of us that make us special and beautiful in our own way. It could be that you’re an artist, a writer, a honors student, an athlete, a cook, or whatever you’re good at that makes you feel important.

Everyone has their own opinion on which kind of beauty is more important. What do you think? Will you judge people on their looks or on who they are as a person?


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