The Political War

Ever since the last primary for the president of the United States, everyone seems to be turning against each other. Fights have been broken out among friends, family, and strangers. Believe me when I say that I’ve seen it all happen.

There is a war happening between Democrats and Republicans for the longest time. It wasn’t until this past election that we saw some real battles happening among each other. I don’t want to offend anyone, which is why I only state the facts.

Democrats are for change with the symbol of the donkey and their founders being Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. They’re the main people who protest and riot throughout the country because they didn’t win the election.

Republicans are for growth with the symbol of the elephant and their founder being Amos Tuck. They won the election and seem to be the main targets to rioters and protesters.

There are other parties that we can go into, but they aren’t as big as the Democratic and Republican parties. However, every war has it’s middleman. That one country that doesn’t choose a side because they want peace. In this war, like in every war, they’re called the Independents.

Independents can go any way they want. They aren’t forced to choose whoever’s in a certain party. They can choose any candidate they want. They’re for anything and everything depending on who they like. All they want is peace.

The same thing happened over 150 years ago. There were those in the south who wanted slavery and those in the north who wanted the slaves to be free. The Civil War started and the country got divided into two factions: the north and the south.

History has the potential of repeating itself like a broken record until we learn our lesson. If no one learns from history, there will be a second American Civil war. It won’t be over slavery this time, though. It’ll be over politics: the one thing that keeps people separated now a days.

One option is to reason with them, but that doesn’t seem to work. People’s hair get ripped out, fights start, and they just don’t listen. Another is to fight back, but that doesn’t seem to work either. It only makes things worse than they already are.

People have revolted in the past. Gandhi revolted against Great Britain. The Hutus revolted against the Tutsis. The list goes on from there. That doesn’t mean that it has to continue like this, though. Someone has to break the cycle.

These riots happen at colleges, in the streets, in front of federal buildings, etc. They’ve burned down trees, gotten in fights, and have made America feel unsafe to most of it’s population. If the country’s unsafe, though, then why do people keep coming?

The end may be catastrophic if this continues. It may lead to the destruction of America and, later, civilization.


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