15 Seconds of Fame

They say that everyone gets at least fifteen seconds of fame in their lifetime. Sometimes that’s true, and then sometimes people get more time in the spotlight than normal. Take Taylor Swift for example. She’s had thirteen years of fame, starting when she was only thirteen, so far and still going strong. Many people will […]

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Long Distance Relationships

So everyone’s heard of the two types of long distance relationships. There are those which work out and those who do not. It’s as simple as that. But then it gets more complicated yet simpler and gets into two more kinds of relationships. There are the long distance romantic relationships and the long distance friendships. […]

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How People Treat People

I walk around and I can hear and see everything that goes on around me. People rather don’t get along or they bond by insulting each other. Honestly, it just isn’t natural. About a year ago, at my school, around the time of the elections, there were seven different fights started in one day. As […]

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