Jealousy and Depression

It’s an act of human nature that any person is able of feeling. As a child, you could’ve been jealous when your sibling or friend had a toy that you didn’t have. As a pre-teen, you could’ve been jealous of someone who had a phone when you didn’t. As a teenager, you could’ve been jealous […]

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Patience is something not everyone has. Patience, if we have it, keeps us sane at times. It keeps others sane. It’s something that keeps the fabric of society together. Have you ever sat in the back of your parents’ car while you’re going on a trip or you have kids that sit at the back […]

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Rome is a very famous place in both the past and the present. In the present; it’s known for its architecture, its culture, its history, and its many tourist attractions. So, in reality, the reasons to go to Rome aren’t as different today as they were over three thousand years ago. However, you must understand […]

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The Political War

Ever since the last primary for the president of the United States, everyone seems to be turning against each other. Fights have been broken out among friends, family, and strangers. Believe me when I say that I’ve seen it all happen. There is a war happening between Democrats and Republicans for the longest time. It […]

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