The Sun: Our Friend or Our Enemy?

Today, we put the sun on trial. For what? All questions will be answered in time, I assure you. I shall present both sides to the judge, first the defence and then the offence, and they shall make their final choice.

The sun is the center of our solar system and the reason why our planet sustains life. It helps our plants grow, gives us solar energy, and shines it’s light for us to see.

At the beginning of every day, the sun comes up. Then it goes back down at the end of the day. When both times occur, they’re both truly a sight. Especially with clouds and when the stars are still out at sunrise.

There you have it. Many of the good things the sun has done and is will continue to do for centuries to come. Now, we shall discuss the sun’s crimes against the human race.

The sun has dried up our crops, land, and water; leaving many of us starving or dying of thirst. It’s burned people’s skin, which hurts people so much that the skin could end up ruined depending on the severity of the burn. It’s melted objects to other objects, which then ruins them both. You should get the picture by now.

Now that you’ve heard both sides, we need a final, concluding answer. So, I now turn to you, judge. That’s right. I’m talking to you. It’s your choice. What is the sun to you?


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