Jealousy and Depression

It’s an act of human nature that any person is able of feeling. As a child, you could’ve been jealous when your sibling or friend had a toy that you didn’t have. As a pre-teen, you could’ve been jealous of someone who had a phone when you didn’t. As a teenager, you could’ve been jealous of someone who had caught the eye of someone you had fallen in love with. Or you were on the other end of that stick and people were jealous of you.

Sometimes, jealousy could be the open door to depression. If something happened that makes one feel useless or that no one cares for them, they could feel their whole world coming down on them from the inside out. I should know because I’ve felt this way a lot in the past sixteen years.

You could be someone who has had people jealous of you and you could be the one depressed. Again, it’s all about human nature.

People get jealous over others over the slightest things and it’s been happening since the beginning of time.

There’s a Greek and Roman myth about a guy named Hyacinthus, a lover to Apollo. Yes, there was homosexuality in those times. It was accepted back in the times of Greeks and Romans. Anyways, there was the god of the west wind, whom was jealous of the relationship between the god and the hero. The west wind took out his anger and meant to hurt Apollo, but it got the hero killed instead.

Jealousy may be a human nature, but it’s also a human weakness. It gets people hurt, rather it be the one who’s jealous, the one the person’s jealous of, or anyone around at that point in time. So be careful and learn to control that when you get jealous and don’t let depression get to you.


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