Rome is a very famous place in both the past and the present. In the present; it’s known for its architecture, its culture, its history, and its many tourist attractions. So, in reality, the reasons to go to Rome aren’t as different today as they were over three thousand years ago.

However, you must understand someone’s past so then you can understand them completely. As I only state the facts, I shall summarize the history of Rome so you can better understand the city’s past.

It all began with Romulus and Remus, the brothers who believed to be the founders of Rome. However, they both wanted to be king. In some stories, they were building a wall and Remus was playing around by jumping on either side of the line. Romulus killed him for this. In other stories, they stand on two hills and have a contest to see who can spot a flying flock with the most birds. Romulus wins, Remus is a sore loser, and Romulus kills him for some reason.

Counting Romulus, there were seven kings of Rome. Most of them died dramatic deaths. One was killed by their heirs, another by lightning, another by a Brutus because he was believed to be a bad king, so on and so forth. Of course, though, from those kings, a new ruler later takes their place. This ruler was Julius Caesar.

We all should know the story of Caesar with the whole ‘beware the Ides of March’ dealio. However, even though he was a dictator, he was the first of many emperors. Sadly, many of them went mentally crazy and thought they were godly figures.

The one with his head screwed on the least would be Nero. He watched Rome burn and did nothing about it. When the fire ended and there was a big open land, his first thought was, ‘This would make a great place for my swimming pool!’ I’m not kidding. He actually made a swimming pool. Later on, though, it was replaced by the Colosseum.

They also had their long-lasting belief in gods and goddesses that originated from the Greeks. Most of their names were changed, but most of the stories and the factor of the twelve Olympians all stayed the same.

Overall, despite the crazy people, Rome was a wonderful and powerful empire. Their empire reached three different continents: Europe, Asia, and Africa.

People do still live in Rome today and it is a great place to visit. One step into this amazing city, and you’ll feel an almost instant blast to the past.


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